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It's OKAY Not to be OKAY

I guess you are one of the many that are stuck at home, either by yourself or with the family. I know I am. There are four of us in the house and we each seem to have our own "workspace". I have one back from university, and one stuck working on her GCSE's in her room.

I know I am lucky enough to have two older children that I can leave to get on with their work. The better half in the kitchen, again, just able to work on his own. And I have the front room. To an extent, I am a lucky person in that, I don't need to keep everyone entertained or think of activities to keep everyone fit.

But I think about the people who are stuck in at home with their family. Right now it must feel like a holiday for the young children who are not going into school. But the parents, having to get the children to dress, eat well, be active as well as doing their school work. And when it comes to school work, how do you get someone else's job right, we're not trained teachers, when was the last time you tried something scientific or Maths and even English.

But then there is the problem of 3 healthy meals a day, without eating everything in the fridge and keeping it interesting. Just a quick side note, trying to keep my Uni student from eating everything we have in the HOUSE!!!! And on top of that, there is the activity bit. Trying to keep the kids fit without letting near anyone else. They can play in the garden but not in the local park, and this is were Youtube can come in. Finding activity on youtube can at least cope with that part of the day.

But all of this can be overwhelming, and not just for those who have to deal with younger children. I am working online for my residents at my job, online for ALL of my clients and I get days where it feels just that bit much.

Do you get days where you just want to hide in bed and wish it would all go away? Are you one of the vulnerable people who worry that someone will bring IT home? There is nothing wrong with that, we all have the right to feel that way. It's okay not to be OKAY.

Don't hold it to yourself, sharing is good, it helps, just talk to someone.

Get in touch today, you don't need full-time counselling right now, you just need space.

Let me give you that space, while you are at home, but you can be somewhere else.

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