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Somewhere In Your Mind

😊Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming? Have you ever been to a place n your mind that has felt calm and secure? How about going back to a place in your mind, you have been to for a holiday that you loved? These are all good things.

Guided imagery is a great place to start building your own calm space in your head. Below is a basic description of guided imagery, this is a beach, but it can be anywhere you like. The point of this is that you build a space in your mind that you feel comfortable with, you can relax and take a little time to yourself.

Start by sitting in a place you feel comfortable with, get in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe. Imagine a beach, with warm sand and a beautiful blue ocean. Start walking on the sand, feel it under your feet. Feel the gentle heat from the sand on the souls of your feet, now imagine the warmth coming up through your calves, to your thighs. The sun is warm to your skin, you can feel it moving through your body to your bones. Look around you, you can see a rock near the water. Walk over and sit on it, it is comfortable. You can see a couple of fishing boats out on the water, their white sails up, but gently bobbing up and down. Look around you, there are people further away, but you are not bothered by them. Your shoulders drop as the gentle sun keeps you warm, breathe in the sea air, let it fill your lungs. You feel safe and relaxed. ✨

With this basic start, you can make the space whatever you want. I have known people add things like cabins, music, maybe a cocktail, or just a bed to lie on. So, what is the point of this place? It creates time for your head to calm. A place where you know there are no worries or problems to think about. It's a kind of "me space".

If you don't like beaches and heat, other options can include forests, on the ocean or even a winter wonderland. Where ever your mind takes you, ensure you can be comfortable and relaxed.

Take Care. 🙂

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