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You can do this.

What's the difference this time around?

I didn't make a resolution this year, basically, as I know it would last all of about five minutes. What I did do is think about what I achieved last year, yes I know it was hard and we all have the right to have spent the year on the sofa wishing it would just go away, but I realised I didn't want to be stuck on my sofa. Please don't get me wrong, it's been a hard time and everyone handles things differently, you will have done what is right for you and that is really important.

I got to the point where I was hearing about all those people (like Joe Wicks) who were helping people keep fit and concentrate on their well being that I wanted to do something. No, I'm not one to stand in front of a camera in a leotard and wiggle, no that image is too scary for anyone. No, this was for me, and I would encourage myself (and family if possible) to do something physical. The good news.......... it lasted for all of about 4 months!!!! Even looking on youtube for inspiration didn't last.

And now, the weather isn't good enough to get in my home gym (the shed that leaks and is cold with spiders) so I am looking for other alternatives and I have found the right one (well sort of). It's not a big room, in fact, it's quite small with the fish watching, but the living room has turned into the temporary gym.

I suppose my point is, I could sit on the sofa and just wait this pandemic out, or I could put myself first not only physically but my mind too. In these times, if you feel fine just sat there, then it's your call. If you want to keep onto of your physical health then you can contact a personal trainer, or find a website with fitness videos at the very least you go to youtube and find something you like the look of. But your mind? Youtube can do so much, but it can't listen to you. It can't get your head out of whatever it's stuck in. Get in touch today for a free initial session. Yo CAN do this.

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