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What works for you?

Support That Makes a Difference

What makes Tadworth Therapy different? 
You can have your counselling session either online, text or via phone while being in your environment. The majority of clients I see have asked for either counselling via the phone or online more than text or email. Why restrict yourself to seeing a counsellor in their office or home? Let's do this your way.

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Online Counselling

Can't get here?

Online counselling means we can still see each other but we don't have to be in the same room. By using zoom, we will be using an encrypted service, which will keep our conversation confidential. 
If you wanted to use online counselling, you would need to have a Zoom account on your computer.  If video is not your thing, we can also work via email.
If you are interested, please send me an enquiry form. Sessions are £5
0 per 50 minutes. Initial Session is free.

Telephone Counselling

Just call me.

If we can't meet via the video service, we can try Telephone counselling instead.  Regular sessions could be held with me calling you at the same time and day each week.  Confidentiality is upheld in these sessions as with any therapy session. If talking on the phone is not your thing, we can also work via text.

If you are interested, please send me an inquiry form. Sessions are £50 per 50 minutes. The initial Session is free.

Walking Therapy

Let's take it outside

If having counselling either via a computer or telephone does not appeal to you, then why not try Walking therapy. 

For those in the area, we start by meeting at a place that suits both of us. We continue to have the session while keeping confidentiality and getting that little bit of exercise.

As with online and telephone, sessions are £50 for 50-minutes. 

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