Passionate about Counselling

Online Counselling for Adults and Young People

Finding the space and support to open up on what is happening for you is important. 

Tadworth Therapy has now become a countrywide service.

I am trained to deliver an online service which means we can have sessions wherever you are.

I work with adults and young adults who are 16 +



What about you?

What do you want to get out of counselling and how can it help you?

This is a question only, you can answer.
In life we all have challenging times, whether it is from your past, your present or what will be your future. We can talk about what you need to work through, to help understand what is happening for you. I understand what it is like to have the pain of loss, social anxiety and even self-doubt and negative thoughts. I have found talking about it helps (and I still do).

I can help you overcome mental health issues like

  • anxiety,

  • stress.

  • Health anxiety

  • Depression

  • confidence

  • and self-esteem.


I offer a confidential, non-judgemental, supportive space exclusively for you.

             The initial session is free, each session afterwards are £40

Because you're worth it.



I was working with Emma on my health anxiety. The techniques and support helped me work through it. It's worked.

B. Sutton

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