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Dealing With Anxiety In A Digital World.

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Passionate about Counselling

  • Anxiety and depression, come's in different forms. Panic attacks, PTSD, Stress, Social Phobias and negative thoughts. All of these can effect anyone at any time. Each of these can make someone feel low, pained or distressed. By talking about these issues, it can make your life lighter,

  • Self-esteem can be quite a big issue in peoples lives. Self esteem can be related to confidence, bullying, Insecurity, worthiness and even people pleasing. If these sound like you, we can talk it through, and help you see a more positive side to you.

  • In counselling we can cover other issues you feel you want to talk about. We can talk about Loss, LGBTQI+,  bereavement, health anxiety, worry and even things from your past.

  • Asking for help is the hardest thing to do, but once you do, things can change. I want to help you to make the changes or reach the understanding you need to get to the life you want.


What about you?

What do you want to get out of counselling and how can it help you?

What do you want to get out of counselling?

This is a question only, you can answer.
In life we all have challenging times, whether it is from your past, your present or what will be you future. We can talk about what you need to work through, to help understand what is happening for you. I understand what it is like to have the pain of loss, social anxiety and even self doubt and negative thoughts. I have found talking about it helps (and I still do).

How can therapy help you?

The power of talking is amazing. Sometimes it can be quite quick, and sometimes it takes a little time. One client I worked with commented by saying "it's working". Working with that client, all we did was to just talk. Working once a week, we can get you through those times. What you are feeling can make you question yourself, your surroundings, and even your existence. Talking about it will help.




I was working with Emma on my health anxiety. The techniques and support helped me work through it. It's worked.

B. Sutton


Something about Me.

Passionate Counselling Professional

My name is Emma and I want to put my hand out to you.  I work as a volunteer Counsellor for Surrey Care Trust, a company that work with young people, helping them get the support they need. I have been a counsellor with them for over two years, working with 16-25 year old people. I also counsel students at University of Surrey in Guildford. At the university, I work with different ages, and students from around the world with all sorts of issues. These have covered areas such as social issues, coping with deadlines, concentration and motivation, even support for parenting issues. Although these sessions are in a live face to face environment, I believe that we can work together via other means for the help and support you need.
I know that life can be difficult, we go through a lot of issues like bulling, divorce, the stress of work, home, family and the list goes on. We don’t always have time to think about ourselves, and we don’t  have time to go and see a counsellor in their office or at their house. As a trained online counsellor, I want to offer you the counselling you deserve but in a place that you feel comfortable in. 
We will use various techniques to help you understand what is going on for you and how to control various thoughts. Using techniques like, mindfulness, guided imagery, grounding or even just listening can help you handle the way you feel. The most import part of this counselling, is that you feel support and listened to, and which ever method works for you 
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