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How's your anxiety today?

Hello, how are you today? How are you feeling? What about your anxiety?

Are you at work? School? College? It doesn't matter where you are today, have you been fighting with your anxiety? You could have had an emotional moment in front of your colleagues and now feel anxious about what they think of you. Have you had an anxiety moment about talking to the boos, or maybe a teacher? The list of anxiety moments is inexhaustible, I could go on and on about it, but I won't in this blog. I ave had some issues passed to me which I will look at in other posts.

Thing is, how do you cope with your anxiety? Are you trying to ignore it? Do you wait until you get home and then just crash? Maybe on the sofa, or on your bed? Do you replay it over and over again? Do you then criticise your reactions or the words you have said? WELL, that is normal. You are doing what a lot of other people do. So what can you do to get around the initial anxiety?

Firstly, everyone's anxiety is different. It doesn't just creep up and start for no reason, there is a reason in lots of cases. It's just how it starts for you. Talking to someone helps, understanding what is beneath it will help in changing how you deal with it in the future.

But what can you do right now? Take a deep breath, right at that moment your mind will be everywhere, but if you consciously breathe, it changes the focus in your mind. This will help to calm down a bit. Focus on now, nowhere else just now. Take a brief moment on what you think you're anxious about and then focus and what is around you now. What you should remember is that your body will still be reacting to your anxiety, but you need to calm the mind first, the body will catch up with you.

Use the above two techniques to start you on "handling" your anxiety. I will post more techniques in the next post. But don't forget, talking and understanding about your anxiety will help you in the future.

Did you know, even counsellors get anxious, I know I do, I understand what your going through. Let's work together and deal with your anxiety.

Get in touch today and let me help you work out your anxiety.

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