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Imagine your Counsellor.

I know I have asked this question a couple of times now, but what is your impression of a counsellor?

Have you worked with a counsellor before?

What image do you have in your head of a counsellor?

Ok, so you may think that we all wear cardigans, scarves, and wear flat shoes. Oh, that is so generalistic. Or would it be a man with a beard, smoking a cigar, saying something like “tell me about your mother?” Sorry to any counsellor reading this blog, I know we are all different, really, I do. But potential clients may have the impression of someone who looks and behaves like an old-style teacher.

The above description is not entirely true, although I do like wearing the odd cardi if find them quite warm, and I definitely don’t have a beard. But I do like listening to people and empathising with people issues. I like to ask questions and check on your progress. It is important to me.

Each counsellor has their own style and method of working, a bit like how we dress. For me, I am comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt. Work-wise, I like looking back to the past as well as the present and how this can affect the future. Finding the answers to problems by just talking and maybe a bit of technical support are the methods I have found that work with my clients to date.

The techniques I have used have included guided imagery, grounding, the rewind technique and more. I have found that the techniques I have used work for people in different ways, and this is something that I can bring to any new client. I am the sort of counsellor, that enjoys working with and for my clients. What you pay to a counsellor, is not just the 50 minutes you are with them, but time outside of that session too.

So, if you want to imagine me as a counsellor, what would you see?

What would you expect from me?

If you could ask me anything, what would you want to know?

Get in touch today to see if we could work together.

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