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Counselling. Even celebrities do it!!

And the winner!!

How would you feel if this was said to you? (apart from, what did I do to get this).

So yesterday it was Oscars night. Did you watch any of it, or were you like me and just catch the highlights from the news? It all looked lovely and glittery with lots of people in beautiful clothes, happy and smiley. I know that I wouldn’t mind having a go in that lifestyle. But are we thinking that their lives are any different from ours?

It is easy to think that these stars and celebrities have easy lives because of what they do. But do they really have different lives to you and me? There are quite a few celebrities who suffer from anxiety or depression, some are very famous like Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga and even Prince Harry has suffered from panic attacks.

So, what do you think they did to overcome these health issues? If you read into these celebrities’ stories, they tell you what they did to overcome their anxiety, depression or panic attacks. You may feel that, because they have the money, they can afford to talk therapy, or seeing a counsellor. Or do you think they are saying they see a counsellor because it sounds expensive, fashionable and extravagant?

Seeing a counsellor doesn’t need to be seen in this light. I have a therapist and I’m not rich, famous or fashionable!! For me, I realised I needed the support to become a therapist and after the death of a parent. It has really helped. I sit there with my therapist going through all sorts of things, and the way I feel afterwards can vary, but generally, I feel good.

What about you? Have you tried therapy? How did it go? You don’t need to be rich and famous to be able to have therapy. There is no need to drive to a posh office in the centre of a city for a 50 minutes session, just to fight the traffic back home again. You don’t need to feel as though someone is going to “sort you out” because they have loads of qualifications.

The person who knows the most about you, is you!!

Counselling can range from a single session to longer term contracts, but the best thing is the changes that can come from therapy. Overcoming anxiety, depression, fears or even just a place to be heard. My point is, you can feel as good as those celebrities at the Oscars (beautiful clothes optional).

Get in touch today, and let's bring that happy you out!!

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