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But I liked Lockdown!!

How are you doing?

How are you coping with the changes around daily life?

When you look around at different people and how they are moving on in their lives, you can see how everyone is different. I am not saying that we are all the same, it's just that everyone has dealt with the virus in different ways.

You can read different reports about how people have suffered from various emotional issues through the lockdown. Anxiety, stress, panic, worry are just some of the feelings that people have gone through throughout this pandemic. But what about feeling the other way? Being happy throughout the lockdown, not having to see people, to be sociable, being able to stay at home and just do what is needed. These people lose daily anxiety, the stress of meeting people they don't get on with on a daily basis. Below is a link to a BBC article about 13-14-year-olds and how their anxiety has dropped through the pandemic. But is it just this age group?

The thought of going back to school will, and has, risen the anxiety of this age group again. It may not be how things have changed that they worry about but going back into an environment that they were never happy with in the first place. Seeing people, they don't want to again, doing things that they think is a waste of time, and they can do from home. This is just one age group though, what about you? Have you been one of those people who have been fine in lockdown but are now not so happy? Your not alone about being happier in lockdown. It isn't about just being worried about the virus, but going back to something your no longer happy with. We are all "expected" to return to how we where before the pandemic. How does this make you feel?

Are you starting to get anxiety about going back to work/school? Does the thought of going back to something you have left for so long quite a stressful thought? What are YOUR worries about moving on from lockdown? Message me on tadworththerapy@gmail about what is going on for you? Talking about it can help you. Get in touch today.

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