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Let's get out!!

So your probably asking a lot of questions right now about having therapy outside. Things like, confidentiality, weather, other people, animals and so on, I know, I understand but let's go through a couple of these.

You make the decision of therapy at the beautiful Epsom Downs racecourse, a great choice.

So, we meet in an agreed location at a certain time, once we have moved away from others we start the session. We have the choice of sitting and looking at the view over London or we have a walk. Through our session together, I'll keep the pace, nothing too strenuous (fast walking is not my thing). We can stop to hear the local wildlife and link in with nature. When it comes to people we know, we just apologise and move on, and the same with dogs (although they won't understand the apology).

If we're walking and something comes up that we want to stop for, then that's what we do. The beauty of open space can make it liberating to talk, to feel the emotions without anyone being near or being overheard. When it comes to the Great British weather, then we can opt to move online if needed, or via the phone.

I'll ensure that the session finishes on time and close back to our starting point. We will never wander off too far, it's better to be safe.

Our sessions will always be in confidence, at a pace you can cope with, and only in weather that you are prepared to go out into. So let's go out, and have therapy in the great outdoors.

If you're interested or would like to know more, get in touch today.

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