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Counselling, what do you think?

What experience of counselling do you think counsellors should have?

Do you think counsellors should have experience of being on the other chair?

Counsellors tend to have counselling while they are in training but this can vary from course to course. When I started training I needed to complete 40 hours of personal therapy, not only for the course but also so we could understand what it is like on the other chair.

Now I am qualified, I still see my counsellor, I find the sessions invaluable. I have days where I can come out of my session, quite heavy and tired. I'll think about the session on the way home, and sometimes, I've had to pull over to go through what emotions are still there. These session I learn about myself and where some of my deep emotions come from.

I have come out of other sessions feeling so free and relaxed. I have felt happy and "bubbly" ready to take on what is coming up next. I these sessions I learn about myself and what is going on for me right now. I am able to deal with issues that come up, maybe from work, or home life or just what I feel right at that moment.

I would like to hear about the effects counselling has had on you, and if you think a counsellor should be in the other chair for understanding.

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