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Do we love technology?

Do you ever have one of those days with technology?

I have, and it really is annoying. I was asked by a client if we could change the format for our session. Normally we have a phone call which works quite well, but this session needed to be different. My client was having a rough day and preferred to speak face to face via a webcam, not a problem, I thought at first.

Normally I use Zoom, this is set up and generally works well for me, but for this session I needed a different system. We agreed that Teams would the right solution for this meeting, and it seemed no issue. I have used Teams while working for the University, so you would think it would be quite easy to get it sorted out, OH boy was I wrong.

I ensured I logged out of the Teams system for the university and started to put together my own business Teams site. Well, that wasn't too easy. I searched and find the teams site and went to create a new account. It immediately wanted to log me in for the university access, so I opened the university Teams for it to confirm I was logged out. Right, let’s try again for a new account, this time I shut down all other tabs. Again, I tried creating a new account, and again nope, log in to the university Teams. Coffee time.

After a small break I tried again, with success, yes, I in but it needs to update the site. 1,2,3,4,5 minutes go by and the little timer is still going, grrrrr. I open another tab for Teams and bingo, it's there, happy days. The first tab is still search though, oh well!!

Now I needed to ensure I can get from one account on Teams to the other, so I log out on my business one and open a new tab. Guess what....... straight back into the business account. So, I log out again, and try again, and yes, I'm back into the business account. So now I am worrying about not getting back into the university account. GRRRRR.

My thoughts turn to finding the link in emails from a year ago and starting again with that. I start to spend quite a while trawling through a mountain of emails, I really must go back and tidy thoughts up too at some point. I click on the Teams icon at the top screen, and WOW, it asks me for my university access without even re-entering the link!! Great, I think, but how do I get back again.

Well, to make the longer story shorter, after a bit of playing around, I worked out what I need to do now. But I must say, there is nothing quite like getting angry with something that really can't argue back. Time for a decaf coffee again.

I have a couple of hours before the session, just enough time to take a breather, watch something on the box and calm the mind. Don't we love technology. 😀

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