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Even therapists have bad days.

I had a bad night’s sleep.

Thoughts wondering around my head

Funny though, I can’t pinpoint what they were.

I heard the alarm go this morning,

And thought 5 minutes more.

But my head was still wondering.

I had coffee but couldn’t stand breakfast,

And now my head felt muffled.

I dress and went to the day job,

But I still feel tired, and my head,

Starts to hurt.

It’s just me at work, all alone,

And I think about the rest of the day.

My head still hurts.

I have an hour left at work,

I don’t think I have done much today.

I can't eat dinner, it doesn't excite me.

There is nothing I can do,

My head hurts.

All I want to do is,

Sit on the sofa, dose and just stop my head.

But all I can think about is how my head hurts.

I have a session tomorrow,

that will help my head.

Even therapists have bad days.

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