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How do I look when I exercise?

In this day and age, the way we look is important, and to a point, can determine how people react to you. We spend time in the morning to do hair, brush teeth and look suitable for what is ever going to happen that day. It could be that beautiful black dress or a smart suit, a pair of camos and a great looking top. But we spend the time getting ourselves fit for the day's events.

How do you feel once you have got yourself ready for the day? How do you feel when you have perfected your look? Do you feel strong, pretty, smart, and as if the world is with you?

Now, what about when you put on that exercise t-shirt and leggings? Or the P.E kit? I know that I don't feel that comfortable. I am glad that I can exercise on my own in the gym, where I don't feel self-conscious about the way I look. But what if you don't have that opportunity?

It can be hard if you have to wear the same kit as everyone else, and "They make it look good" but you don't feel that way about yourself. Or be in the gym working hard but feeling that either you don't fit in because you are the wrong shape, or you're not sure what your wearing is right.

Well, something to remember straight away is that you are doing GREAT. Getting fit, moving your body and improving your health is brilliant, keep going. But, what is getting you is, how you look in that kit when you move. Well, there is a couple of ways to look at it.

Firstly, what are you worried about? This is a situation that only last a minimal amount of time and then everything goes back to normal. You still will have achieved your exercise goal. When you're working out, do you really think that anyone else cares about how you look? Do you know what they are thinking? I know I don't know what people are thinking about.

Secondly, when you are wearing the same as other people, what makes you worry about how you look? I understand that some people suit the kit and that's good for them. What you should remember is that this kit will only last awhile. You look great in your kit, no matter what forms the kit. You will be wearing that kit for a short amount of time.

I suppose what I am trying to get to is, it doesn't matter what you're wearing when you exercise. What your doing is more important than how you look. It doesn't matter what other people think about how you look, how do you know what they are thinking anyway? Wearing this kit only lasts a little while and it doesn't last forever.

Be proud in the work you have been doing and not to worry about how you look while doing it.

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