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I even overthink my Overthinking

What does your mind do when you stop to think?

Do you know what is running through your head when you let your mind go?

I have worked with clients, who will tell me they couldn't sleep because their mind was running away with them all night. Or they will say that something has happened and they just expand and go over it, and it won't stop. Or they will have had a thought about something bad, and they will just keep thinking it. If this is you, your not alone.

It is really easy to keep thinking about something and let your mind carry on with it. What starts as just an idea, a feeling or ruminating over a moment, becomes so much more. It can lead you to not concentrating on what you're doing (like driving). Or to unwanted anxiety and even health issues. A big problem can be lack of sleep. Does this ring bells for you?

I sometimes find that my thinking wakes me up well before my alarm goes off in the morning. For some reason, my brain will decide that, first of all, playing music is a good way to get me going. Then it will bring something up, like work, or something that could be happening later, or even something I have anxiety about. I then can't get the thought out of my mind, and it will wander round in my head for ages. By this time I have tried to stop thinking about it, I am aware I have to get up soon, but I can't get back to sleep.

When it is time to get up, I feel tired, like I have been awake all night. Does this sound you can relate too? When I get to that point I realize that something is going on for me. I know it is time for me to unload to my therapist (yes, even therapists have therapists). I do feel different after that session (a blog for another day). I do get more relaxed. The moral of the story is, by talking to my therapist, I am able to work out what is happening in my mind and this helps me.

If this sounds like you, Get in touch today, let's work together to stop your overthinking.

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