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It's Friday.

We made it back to Friday, the weekend starts here, what are you planning to do?

I thought I might get up possibly before midday and to the exciting thing of “housework”.

The Christmas decorations came down during the week and squeezed back into the box ready to back into the loft. The question will be, how long will it take for the box to get back into the loft? Just so you know, the Halloween stuff took until Christmas to get back in the loft 😂.

Anyway, now all the decorations are out of the way, the house just seems to be a bit cluttered and full of stuff, so it is time to move stuff around and get rid of stuff that doesn’t need to be in the house anymore. It is also time to have a good dust around and get rid of last year’s cobwebs. To make the place feel fresh again by opening the doors and windows.

I know that this sort of stuff can be really boring but think about how it feels when you have achieved the work you set out to do. It’s the same with the mind, if you work to clear stuff out it gives you space to take on the positives over life. I understand that that sounds weird right now while we are in lockdown but when will the time ever be right to sort out your mind?

Something you could be is take a moment and write down what is wondering around in your head. Once you have what is in your head, the next step is to work out what you need to keep and what can go. Now, not everything that you want to get rid of will go when you tell it to. Whereas some stuff will just need your awareness to tell it to go, and that can be just "thank you but you’re not a needed thought anymore".

The unwanted thoughts that stay with you are the ones you can work on by seeing someone like a counsellor. It's a case of understanding them, working through them and helping these thoughts to move on. So, cleaning out the cobwebs in your mind will help you to get a clam and content life.

Get in touch for further support.

Take Care

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