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It's March, let's do this.

Well, isn't the year moving on? We are about to go into spring, the weather will start to change, and we can start to think about not having to wear massive jumpers.

If your year hasn't worked quite to plan so far, there is nothing stopping you starting again. I have heard from people who are struggling not only with what is happening in the outside world but with their internal world too. They started with great plans for this year, and before we know it, it's March and nothing has really happened.

The most important thing to remember is, don't beat yourself up about it, it's ok to struggle to get going with stuff. Take a breath, look around, it's ok to find it hard to get going. There is no reason to be hard on yourself, you’re not alone.

So, how to get out of this "slump"? Firstly, look around at your surroundings, are they comfortable? No? well, don't go out spending money at Ikea right now, but look at how you could improve your environment. Are you sat in your bed doing your work? I would say, please stop and move. Work in a different space, your bed is for rest and sleeping not for doing office work. Are your surroundings tidy or at least clear? It's a good start.

The next thing is to look at things like exercise and eating. Eat well, you know, healthy foods not just a load of take-aways. As for exercise, start with something easy like a 10-minute walk and build it up, your feel better for it.

Now for the hardest bit. Don't wait for the motivation to turn up and get you going, you could wait for ages for it. The best thing is to start, just start. Start with something like a list of stuff you need to do, break it down into areas of work, housework, social, and so on. Make it interesting though, colours, stickers, shapes anything to make it as inspiring as you want.

Now you have your list, start putting it in a schedule or on a diary, make sure it is achievable though don't overdo it. Make sure you add breaks, and space for exercise. Once you start doing the work, guess what? Motivation will join you and you will start to flow with your work.

The biggest thing to remember is, if you miss a bit or you don't get something done on time, don't hard on yourself, give yourself the break and just pick it up again when you’re ready.

Once you have built these "boundaries" things will start to come together and you will feel better about what you’re doing around your work. Let's do this.

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