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Just Good enough!!

On Saturday I bought home my "new" bike. When I say new, it is nearly half my age, but it's new to me. I haven't ridden a motorbike in near enough 2 years and I had gotten to the stage where I was really missing it.

I was nervous at first, it's been a while since I last rode a motorbike. But, once I was on board and had a gentle start, I relaxed. To be honest, it's not "THE" bike but when I can, I want something a bit more classic. I'm thinking Royal Enfield or something like that. As I rode my new bike home, just before the storm kicked in, I took a detour from the original plan and just started to remind myself of the joy of motorbike riding. Sitting there on my bike, it made me think about how this was like the process of therapy. I had found a motorbike, the one I knew would help me get where I needed to, the one that I will feel happy riding and it doesn't bother me about its age. What is important to me is that right now I feel happy that I have a motorbike again. The freedom to just ride around the countryside and feel relax. Therapy is similar, you choose a therapist that you feel is the right one for what you need them for. You work with them, you talk about whatever you need to get you to that place that makes you happy. They may not, and don't have to be, "THE" therapist that will be with you always. Even though the bike I was riding wasn't my "THE" bike, it IS good enough for what I need her for.

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