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On goes the Light

Ever had one of those lightbulb moments?

Have you ever been just sat there and your mind starts to wonder about things?

I must say that I had a couple of those over the weekend. The first one that really makes a point in my head was when I was out riding on the motorbike. You have to be careful when riding a motorbike and your attention is still on the road. But I find when I ride, I will play the last song I heard on the radio in my head. This weekend was slightly different, as I was out and about in Surrey I was thinking about exercise. I wondered why during the spring and summer I will go and workout in the gym, but in the autumn and winter, I like walking. It took me until that moment on the bike, for the lightbulb to come on. I now realise that these are the places I feel most comfortable when exercising and I shouldn't keep pushing my body and my mind into something it is just not ready to do.

The other significant lightbulb moment was when I realised that my mind works the same as anyone else. On Sunday I spent part of the time making jewellery, I enjoy making jewellery it's very therapeutic and I try to sell what I make. I decided to have a break, stop the music I was listening to and get a drink. As I headed to the kitchen my mind became full of things to-do

. Cook the sausages, prep the veg, set up the batter, empty the dishwasher, do the washing, ohh the list want on. But what is was was how quickly all these thoughts came rushing in my head.

These thoughts are unharmful, they won't affect me on how I feel about myself but it became the understanding of how quickly the mind can get swamped with thoughts.

I worked on a few things on my list (like dinner) but the rest I cut out, I can do these tomorrow. This isn't always the case when someone over thinks. The thoughts come rushing in so quickly and just run around your head with no stopping them. You can't just tell them to go away, it doesn't work that way. But what you can do is refocus your mind, it's hard work but it does work. Think about your breathing, in for 5 and out for 7 and repeat 4/5 times. You can try counting, count the bricks in a wall, leaves on the floor or even slabs in the flooring. The next thing to do is to talk to someone. You need to understand and let it out. Sounds like you? Get in touch today.

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