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Student Counselling

So I have started working as a counsellor at University of Surrey. This is a volunteer position counselling students and eventually tutors. I am very excited about this as not many counsellors have the chance to work at a University. To an extent I am anxious about completing the academic year with students, working in very little time for each one, but it is something I enjoy doing. I will be doing everything I can to ensure that the students will get the support that they need.

How you you feel about starting something new? Do you get the butterflies in the stomach, or the slightly sweaty palms. Or does you body go further? Do you start to not be able to speak? Do you mess up your words, when they do come out? What about just saying "stuff it, I'm not going in", or "I quit" with out even starting? Each of these thoughts are valid. Different people think differently about starting something new, and to think these things does not mean there is something wrong with you, it is just how to calm the thoughts and carry on.

Talking and learning techniques on how to manage the thoughts is away of taking you forward with every day life. What is great about the way I work, is we can do it this via online. To be fair, learning some techniques will be easier learned face to face, but the talking can be done with other methods. We can work together where every you are, or at different times.

Send in a enquiry form for a free consultation.

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