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The hardest thing is words.

Sometimes writing words can be just as hard as saying them.

I have suggested to clients that writing down what is in their heads can help, calm the brain. Have you found that you have thoughts about how you feel wondering around your head, or your not sure what you need to use to get the words out of your head.

-Are you worried about what you might see once you have written those words?

-Do you worry about what you might see, or what they mean?

-Do you think that what you may say, is too much for anyone?

You're not alone, in your thinking. These day's it is hard to let what you are thinking about come out. Words such as pain, hate, loathe, abhor and detest are words that aren't always aloud in daily lives. We watch reality T.V and see people who seem to be very positive in their thinking. We can watch people do things like Yoga, or meditation and they seem that life can be perfect by doing these things. Do you you find that even if you do things like Yoga or meditation, some parts of life still don't fit. Your thoughts may go away for a while, but they can come back during the day or even while you are trying to sleep.

People use words like pain, hate, loathe about themselves, or even about the situation they are in like work or relationships. They will use these words about their feelings they have in their mind, or what they are dealing with. We can have these words in our heads, and we won't tell anyone, we won't let it out, because we should be positive about everything in our lives, the way we work, rest and play. But, we can't always think positively.

I'm not saying that yoga, meditation, exercise and eating well doesn't help, it does. Part of they way of being mentally "fit" is to look after you body and diet, it takes time (trust me I'm still working on it myself). But it is worth helping your mental health too. As a counsellor, I will listen, read and interact with what words feel right to you, the words you need to use. Via video, email, instant messaging or just talk through the phone there is no judgement, on what you need to say.

The hardest thing is getting in touch, and you can do this with me. Just email Hello to to start the conversation.

How It Works

- You email Hello to me with your name.

- I will respond and offer you a free initial session.

- We have your free initial session.

- You decide what you want to do, if you want to work with me, then we workout what is the best format to work with is best for you.

It really is that easy.

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