The Veg Pledge, Is it your thing?

Quick question, did you know it's Veg Pledge this month? I didn't.

This is a sponsored event for Cancer Research UK. I think it is a great idea, I like raising money for CRUK. I have done Race for Life 9 times, including one for this year. The first one I did in preparation for hiking in Iceland, which was for McMillan Cancer Support. That was a 100k hike and I was a couple of years after my daughter was born.

I thought going around Epsom Downs racecourse with loads of other women was a great way to start getting fit. What I found was, I enjoyed the walk, although the "running" part wasn't for me though.

I have been trying for years to get fit, and each time Race for Life comes up I think YES, this time I'll train 不不, it never happens.

So, what about the Veg Pledge, will I take part in this for CRUK?

I am always up for trying something new, always happy to help and raise the money needed.

This time there is a small problem, I don't like Veg 不不, count me out this time but there is nothing stopping you having a go.

Let me know in the messages below what you decide to do, I'd be very interested.


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