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What do you think therapy is? What do you think happens in the "therapy room"? Have you ever tried it?

I decided that I wanted to be a therapist when I was a little younger. OK, that was a while ago and a long story. But I decided that I wanted to help people feel better about themselves and get an understanding of themselves and their situations. I knew I wouldn't be a doctor, I don't like too much blood!! And I am no good with food, I like eating those things that are bad for you, so a dietitian was out. So, a counsellor was the better choice for me. It takes training, practice, compassion and empathy to name a couple of things.

"Counselling is two anxious people in a room trying to understand each other" I believe that is a quote from Carl Rogers, one of the founders of Person -Centred therapy.

And that is basically what Counselling is about, talking. It is two people in a room (on via a webcam) talking about what is going on for one of them. Some days the work may seem easy, and some days the work is very mind intensive. Some sessions can feel so emotionally drained and sometimes it feels like nothing has happend. But the point of counselling is to understand the emotions that you go through, to be able to put your finger on what is charging them. This is done with help from the counsellor, we pick up on what is said and see if we can help you understand it. Sometimes we hit it right on the head in the first go, and sometimes it takes a little longer.

The important thing about counselling is that after, you should feel somewhat better, stronger, an understanding of yourself, or have out of it what you need. Some people just want more understanding about themselves, and other want to be able to let their feels go. What you get from therapy can help you as go carry on through life. One client commented "I wish I could have you in my pocket", what she wanted was to have my what I picked up on to help her. What she got was an understanding that she could use at any time. She didn't need me in her pocket.

Counselling is here to help you. I am here to help you.

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