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Um, where am I?

Staring into space, it's so easy, isn't it?

"to look straight ahead without looking at anything specific" Urban Dictionary.

Working most of the day, either at school, at home or at the office and your mind wanders.

It's been a hard day, you've completed your work (or at least the stuff you can be bothered to do). You have to travel home, on public transport, make dinner when you get there etc etc, you know the rest. And yet, your mind wanders.

It is so easy to do, to be sat you the computer, or stood at the oven, or even on the floor listening to music, and your mind wanders. Where does it go? what are you thinking about? Do you see images or words, colours or sounds? Everyone is different in how they wander off in their minds.

Some people find it quite relaxing, like meditation, to let the mind go and just trust in what comes back. But for others, it's not the same. To wonder in their mind, they can be seen as someone trying to get out of work, surroundings and even life. They get blamed for things going wrong, not because they want it to go wrong, but because all they can do to get out of a situation is to hide in their mind.

This is a safety tack tick, to be able to "dream away from what is happening". This doesn't need to happen, by coming to therapy, it is an opportunity to work out what is going on for you in your mind. What are you escaping, what do you want to hide from? Together we can work it out.

In the process of writing this blog, I have stopped and just stared at the computer. I find it so easy and yet with some music coming through the headphones (Evanescence, Aerosmith or something heavier), I find it gentler to help focus my mind back on what I am doing. But I will promise you one thing, I will always be interested in your sessions and you.

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