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What DOES feel OKAY?

What is OKAY when we talk about feelings?

Everyone is different, everyone thinks differently , and most importantly, everyone's life will be different. These sorts of things will effect how we live our lives and how we behave.

So when it comes to feelings in the counselling room, nearly anything goes. The important thing about the counselling room is that it becomes your space, your time to talk and it's confidential. This will also include online therapy. What is said between you and it is completely confidential, and it is still your space.

What do you make of the statement below? Nothing Feels okay. What does that mean to you? For me it says that this person is struggling with, what could be how they feel in their mind. Or it could be how they feel as a person, are they comfortable in their own skin, or in their head, or even in their own life.

To me, I see that this person needs to have a support about what is going on for them. To explore this statement to understand what is happening. To help them feel okay.

To help and reach this person, it's all about listening. To open that link between counsellor and client, which always feels strange at first, helps to open thoughts.

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